Why we like elopements

We love helping couples put together small but meaningful wedding ceremonies that can be done anywhere you can think of. We love adventure and we dream of epic elopements on mountaintops, beaches, and sand dunes, but we also get gushy about backyard weddings and courtroom ceremonies.

We focus on our couples and their love because we believe elopements should be more about a the permanence of marriage than the grand-ness of a wedding. Weddings can sometimes be stressful and we don’t think you have to start your marriage that way if you don’t want to.

We are true romantics and we swoon over the idea of doing something just for the two of you and over how impactful and intimate these ceremonies are, with no one else watching (well, almost no one). Amanda here...I eloped and it’s still my most treasured memory, and there are legitimately NO restrictions to how you can craft this memory. You can spend your whole wedding day hanging out with each other, get breakfast, go for a walk, celebrate with drinks afterwards....the day is yours.


       Should we elope?

We often create elopements for long-distance relationships & international couples: We find a lot of couples who have spent a significant part of their relationship apart just want to marry their best friend, with as little hassle as possible. Eloping is also a really practical choice for couples whose families live in different countries because they can then follow their elopement ceremony with two separate wedding celebrations, and no one is left out.

We also see a lot of couples who have already created a full and happy life together, but want their legal relationship to match their everyday one.

Lastly, and certainly not least important, we create elopements for couples who want to get married and who don’t think the job of planning a full wedding is one for them.

“We didn’t have to worry about anyone but each other. We even managed to go for breakfast in the morning and played a board game in the afternoon. Who else gets to do that on their wedding day?” - Rachel & Tim
          Check out a recent featured elopement!

          Check out a recent featured elopement!